The South African Magical Society was formed in 1918 and is in fact the oldest such society in the country. The first patron of the society was the eminent magician John Maskelyn.  SAMS, as the society is colloquially called, draws its members from all walks of life both in professional and semi-professional capacity.  Its members comprise of businessmen, clergy, sea captains, artisans, sales people, teachers, doctors, etc. all dedicated to the pursuance of and upliftment of the art of magic.  SAMS is also affiliated to the London Magic Circle and has close links with a number of overseas magical clubs and societies.

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Message from the President - March 2016

Welcome...Magicians everywhere!

And wherever you are on this tiny planet, we hope you enjoy our newsletter.
It would be nice if you could drop us an email to say hello so we can get an idea of how far away we are reaching people...
And, of course, if you have anything to share, that is even better.

February was a quiet meeting, and to those members who could not make it, you were missed. However, that did not stop the rest of the members having a great time.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kriben Pillay on winning the Charlie McAfee Trick of the Month with a brilliant and unexpected ending to a card trick. Well done, Kriben.

Updates on the forthcoming SAMCO Convention have been coming through and we are eagerly awaiting final details so that we can make our arrangements to attend. Hurry up, you guys! You know you want our money!!!

Plans for our own centenary convention in 2018 are moving along nicely, with more than a few surprises up our sleeves … along with cards, the odd rabbit, and in one case, a Lamborghini racing car.

Mo Magic’s show at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in Durban was very well received with sold out houses for the entire run. The committee attended the opening night and it was a great evening’s entertainment. We wish Mo everything of the best for his future bookings.

Worldwide there have been several losses of great magicians lately, and some serious illnesses. Our thoughts are with those left behind ... and with those who are caring for the unwell.

Take care driving on the roads people,
and always remember to make
Everything you do, be truly magical... you have the power!

All the best,

Ricki Gray
President of the South African Magical Society.