Charlie McAfee

The Charlie McAfee Trophy

The Charlie McAfee Trophy is competed for by the members at the monthly meeting of the SAMS. A theme is set for the evening of the meeting and it could be magic with ropes, balls, coins or cards etc. The theme could even be a phrase such as “ Up and away ” or “ It’s Now or Never ”. This is to stimulate performance and to encourage members to present the best effect they can by using the applicable theme for the evening.

Charlie McAfee was an Irish magician who came to South Africa with his brother James for about 3 months at a time for a number of years, ostensibly to escape the cold, Irish winters. Charlie became a Country Member and participated in a number of SAMS functions. During the apartheid years when BBC programmes were not available to viewers, Charlie sent video copies of Paul Daniels' TV specials that are now in our library. Charlie often performed front tab at SAMS shows and always had entertaining magic to show us at meetings. Once he knew you were serious about magic, Charlie would share his ideas and routines most willingly and freely. Charlie was very well read magically and knowledgeable and was well liked by everyone. Each effect he performed had lovely original patter and story lines that held his audiences enthralled.

The above was partially extracted from the SAMS Newsletter June 2008 - "Magical Chatback by David J."

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