Lionel Walker

The Lionel Walker Trophy

The first reference found to Lionel Walker was in the Magic Mirror (March 1933).

"The South African Magical Society is now represented in Bulwer, by Mr. L.M. Walker, a very keen and capable disciple of Magic. He has just recently joined up with us and should prove a very useful member. We wish him a long and happy association with us; and hope he will find much to interest him."

We believe there is an article with a photograph of Lionel Walker in his fly fishing gear. Perhaps someone out there can confirm this for us?

Lionel Walker was a member of our society and believed that the magicians primary goal should be to entertain his audience. He argued that the audience were not interested whether the magician was using technical sleight of hand or a piece of self working apparatus. All they demanded was to be entertained. This trophy is competed for annually (although some years have been missed) and is judged by members of the lay public in the audience.

This trophy was made by Rem Brickhill who was a cousin of Brian Tarr and, although not a magician, he enjoyed magic immensely.

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Year Awarded To
1967 David Lewis-Williams
1968 David Lewis-Williams
1969 Mario Brincat
1971 Bernard Dyer
1972 Mario Brincat
1973 Colin Rood
1974 Mario Brincat
1975 Kevin Davie
1976 Ellis Pearson
1977 Mario Brincat
1978 David Lewis-Williams
1979 Ellis Pearson
1980 Arthur Reed
1981 Arthur Reed
1982 Arthur Reed
1983 Roan Myers
1987 Bernard Dyer
1988 Bernard Dyer
1990 Bernard Dyer
1991 David J O'Connor
1993 David J O'Connor
1994 Bernard Dyer
1995 Bernard Dyer
1996 Trevor Yates
1997 Keith Pettengell
1998 Trevor Yates
1999 David J O'Connor
2000 David J O'Connor
2001 Adrian Smith
2002 Adrian Smith
2003 Adrian Smith
2004 Keith Pettengell
2006 Adrian Smith
2007 Adrian Smith
2008 Bennie Matthee
2010 Ricki Gray
2011 Ricki Gray
2012 Peter Warby / Bennie Matthee
2013 Darryn Le Grange
2014 Adrian Smith
2015 Darryn Le Grange
2016 Bennie Matthee
2017 Keith Pettengell
2019 Bennie Matthee

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