Rem Brickhill

The Rem Brickhill Trophy

Rem Brickhill was the cousin of Brian Tarr and although he was not a magician, he enjoyed magic immensely. He made and donated the Lionel Walker Trophy and then in April 1970, he donated the shield pictured above which is called the Rem Brickhill Trophy.

"The President (Brian Tarr) produced a handsome trophy, which he said his cousin, Mr. R Brickhill, had donated to the society in appreciation for all the magic he had seen from us over the past several years. It was agreed that members consider over the next month how this trophy is to be awarded, and to bring ideas to the next meeting. The secretary was asked to thank Mr. Brickhill and his friend, who made the trophy." (Minutes - April 1970)

A number of suggestions for awarding the trophy were put forward, including "It should be awarded for the most novel adaptation of a trick or invention of a new trick each year" and "It should be awarded for the most improvement each year." (minutes - May 1970). The final decision was left to to committee who decided the trophy was to be awarded for the 'Best Trick of the Evening'. However this competition never took place and the following extracts tell the story:

"For the first time this year we would be competing for a new trophy. It would be awarded for the best trick of the evening - only members being allowed to vote" (minutes - November 1970)


"I review the past year with mixed feelings. Although reluctant to commence this report on a disparaging note I feel our Society has been very lethargic with regard to public performances. The enforced cancellation, at the last minute of our Lionel Walker - Rem Brickhill Trophy competition being the most disappointing." (Presidents Report - January 1971)

The Rem Brickhill trophy is now awarded to the magicians for a single effect which from a magicians point of view is superb, either from a technical or presentational view point. This is voted for by magicians only. This trophy was originally competed for during the Lionel Walker Competition evening. However this trophy is now competed for at the President's Dinner.

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Year Awarded To
1971 Brian E. Tarr
1972 Brian E. Tarr
1973 Brian E. Tarr
1974 Des Teague
1975 Mario Brincat
1976 David Lewis-Williams
1977 Roland Hobbs
1978 David Lewis-Williams
1979 Basil Emery
1980 Dennis Sargeant
1981 Arthur Reed
1982 Dennis Sargeant
1983 Trevor Yates
1985 Dennis Sargeant
1987 Des Teague
1989 Keith Pettengell
1990 Keith Pettengell
1992 B Lange
1993 Dennis Sargeant
1996 Keith Pettengell
1997 Des Teague
1998 Chris Macan
1999 David O'Connor
2000 Des Teague
2001 Trevor Yates
2002 Adrian Smith
2003 Keith Pettengell
2004 Darryn Le Grange
2005 Keith Pettengell
2006 Darryn Le Grange
2007 Bennie Matthee
2008 Chris Macan
2009 Darryn Le Grange
2010 Keith Pettengell
2011 Wayne Driver
2012 Tom Heistings
2013 Keith Pettengell
2014 Mahommed Moorad
2016 Keith Pettengell
2017 Russel Comrie
2017 Mahommed Moorad
2018 Neil Hazell
2019 Stephen Cloete

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