Colin Rood

The Colin Rood Trophy

Colin was a wonderful person and all who knew him were touched by his warmth and gentle nature and he was greatly loved by all those with whom he came in contact. Colin was a generous, spiritual person who only saw good in life and in people around him and exuded a humble nature that drew people to him.

Colin was an extraordinary man whose interests and affiliations covered a broad spectrum. He was a Punch and Judy Puppeteer, ventriloquist, clown, magician, stud farmer, potter, member of Rotary, Wafflers and a host of different organizations. He had the capacity to appreciate both Eastern amd Western philosophy and his lifestyle epitomized the principles of the Buddha. Colin regularly attended FISM in 1982 in Lausanne, Switzerland. he represented this country at a number of International Vegetarian Congresses in different countries as well.

He loved life and when he performed was affectionately known as the "Great Baldini". His children and grand children have all been wonderfully entertained by this jovial funster and I doubt whether anyone has not seen his lovely handkerchief puppet mouse!. He always carried either a finger puppet or pocket trick with him and at the drop of a hat would always be willing to show his audience something magical.

Colin passed away in Durban on Saturday, January 24 at 8 AM after battling with cancer.

SAMS member Murray McGibbon was greatly influenced by his cousin and mentor Colin, who showed Murray his first trick at age 3.
Murray presented SAMS with this trophy in memory of Colin.

The trophy is awarded to the magician performing the most entertaining magical act for children.

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Year Awarded To
2007 Adrian Smith
2008 Adrian Smith
2009 Bennie Matthee
2010 Bennie Matthee
2011 Bennie Matthee
2013 Bennie Matthee
2014 Bennie Matthee
2016 Bennie Matthee
2017 Russell Comrie
2019 Bennie Matthee

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